Reflective Essay: My Admission To Florida State University

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To the University of Florida and the College of Engineering,
To begin with, I fully understand the reasons for my rejection from admission to the University of Florida and I also understand that the program is highly competitive. Yet I don’t comprehend how my grades or my pre-selective coursework is considered not competitive. Through this letter I would like to explain my side of the story and how UF and the Gator family mean a world to me. In addition, I would like for the College of Engineering and the University of Florida to reconsider my admission.
It has been three years since I arrived to Florida. I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela, born and raised until the age of five. After a living hell back in my country of origin, my mother who I admired the most made the wise decision of migrating. Her point of destination was San juan Puerto rico a beautiful island in the heart of the Caribbean. At first, it was tough especially fopr a single mother with two children. However we strive and my mother was triumphal. She gave my sister and I the best education she could ever give. As time passed and I grew, my mother’s sacrifice has always given me the drive and push to succeed. Even when I feel …show more content…

The schools I am deciding amongst, Florida State University, Berkeley, Embry-Riddle, University of Central Florida, and University of South Florida are all well-known institutions of higher learning. So far the colleges I have been accepted to are also among the top schools and I feel pleased with them. Besides, I believe that my appetite for knowledge and success will further guarantee a positive college experience. I see success as a recipe and one main ingredient of that recipe would be my college experience. I would love to add to my list of main ingredients the college experience that I know UF will provide me

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