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Horace is a famous Roman poet who states, “Adversity has the effects of elicting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dorment” – Horace. Horace is correct because adversity is something that challenges someone mentally or physically to their breaking point. When a person is at their breaking point their best instincts come out. In the book How Good do you Want to Be by Nick Saban he recalls the 2003 college football season where he led the LSU Tigers to a national championship. That 2003 team faced lots of adversity through hard work and throughout that season the best came out of the Tigers when it mattered most. Because they faced adversity they won the national championship. The 2016 New England Patriots won the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 they faced the most adversity a Super Bowl team has seen in history. The first 4 games they were without their …show more content…

The founders of our country faced adversity while trying to declare independence. Through aversity their talents in politics came out and were able to declare independence and jumpstart the greatest national in the world. One of the most adverse jobs in America is being a police officer. My dad is a police officer and during his job his survival skills and the ability to save others comes out while he is at work. From going 100 miles per hour to rush to a house that is being broken into to fighting a criminal that is going to endanger others my dad does it all. He did not know he had these talents until he went through the adversity being a police officer provides. Another one of my family members goes through adversity at their job too, my mom.My Mom is a nurse at a emergency room. She goes through the adverse situations of saving lives or telling someone’s loved ones that their family just passed away. My mom’s ability to assess the situation and save people’s lives has been shown through

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