Summary Of Life As We Knew It By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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For my book talk, I read a realistic fiction novel called Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

Miranda Evans lives with her family in Pennsylvania. She attends eleventh grade at her high school, and is also a part of her local swimming team. Her life is normal until the moon is knocked closer to the earth by a meteorite. The coastlines are under water and the weather is abnormally cold. Her town is running out of food and water, and the electricity is out. Miranda’s mother and two brothers must figure out a way to survive, but also keep life normal. It’s hard to go to school with no electricity or swim in the cold.

The main character is a 16 year old girl named Miranda. Since she is a teenager, she has various mood swings throughout …show more content…

The only thing that kept Miranda alive was her will to survive. The characters who died, such as her neighbor and friend, both said that they were going to die at some point in the disaster. No other survivor mentioned their future death throughout the story. In the beginning, she said, “I hated the kids who were acting like it was all a big joke.” (Page 29). From the beginning she was taking the event seriously. She was ready from the start. In the middle of the book, people start accepting their own deaths. “I know she’s crazy to be flinging herself into death…” (Page 163). Miranda writes how her friend is too willing to die. She is greeting death too kindly in her mind. By the end, Miranda’s family is desperate for food and water. The family is slowly falling apart. When Miranda walks to the post office in the cold only to see that is is closed, she thinks about giving up. She then sees a bright paper flowing by, saying that city hall was still open. “I forced myself to stand up and chase the sheet of paper.” (Page 332). Once she arrives, the mayor offers her four bags of food every week. This was a miracle to the family. This shows that by having extra hope and the will to live, she saved the lives of four people, including herself. If the family did what everyone else did, sitting around hoping for a miracle, than they would have ended up dead like

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