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It is a great honor for me to be nominated to become a part of the National Honor Society at Bishop Brady High School. I would be elated to join a Society such as this because of the opportunities it would provide me as both a student and a person. Becoming part of the National Honor Society would further me to push myself academically. It would also give me added opportunities to serve my community and school. As a student, I strive for excellence. In middle school, I was a member of the National Junior Honor Society at Strong Foundations Charter School. As a sophomore, I have taken two math classes and gone without a study hall to be able to fulfill my academic desires. I have also taken Honors level classes since my first semester of high school and continuously make the honor roll. I aim to continue to take honors and AP classes to be able to reach my full potential as a student. I am also seen as a strong, dedicated leader. I have been in Girl Scouts for ten years, often helping with younger girls. I …show more content…

During school vacations, I assist the barn manager with the care of nearly 20 horses. I frequently will arrive at 7:30 in the morning to begin morning chores. After preparing grain bowls for the horses, I clean manure and debris from their paddocks. Once chores are completed during the summer, we prepare for our summer camps that begin at 9. Before the children arrive we set our saddles, bridles, brushes, other equipment for the horses, and create schedules with the day’s activities. When all the children have arrived, I assist with bringing horses to the riding area. I then help brush and tack up all the horses and show the campers the basics of proper horse care and riding. This often included me dealing with tense situations in a calm manner. Most days I would feed horses during our lunch while other camp staff supervised the

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