Farming In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Farm Project:Design Farming, the thing that foreigners assume every single american does while they eat their big macs. Farming is one of America’s most known entities, the stereotype of a southern farm with a ranch is synonymous to people all around. In one of America’s most devastating times, the great depression, many people started to work on farms to make a living, And the novel Of Mice and Men brilliantly explores this. The novel centers around George and Lennie who have hopes and aspirations of building a farm. And for this assignment, we were told to create our own farm to mirror the events in the novel. So, for this assignment I decided to make a corn farm. Now, let's get into the details of what will be going on in the farm if we were George. In my dream farm, we will be producing one of my favorite types of food, corn. I will be growing corn and selling it to supermarkets to make a living. We will also be growing cows on the farm as livestock. The cows will be used for both milk and meat. We will grass feed the cows to get their milk to both sell and use it to make cheese. And once the cows reach their old age and die, that’s when we get to have steaks for dinner. To avoid selling them to a …show more content…

At 8 A.M we wake up and eat breakfast, then at 9:30 we start working. After a couple of hours of working, we would take a break for lunch and relax for a bit. Then after lunch, we head back to work until 5 and end the day there. During this, 1 person will take care of the cows and maintain the barn. They would have to milk the cows, and make sure that the cows are in a stable area. 2 people will maintain and take care of the corn field, they would have to plant and husk the corn. At the same time, Lennie would take care of the bunnies and preoccupy himself. From 9-5 all of the employee's work in the farm, and each has their own area to take care

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