How Does Steinbeck Use Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

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Writing devices are used perfectly throughout the whole book, including foreshadow of Curley’s wife’s and Lennie’s final death, symbolization that stands for social issues back to 1930’s, and comparison of the weak and the strong. First, foreshadow in this book is mainly used as clues of both Lennie’s and Curley’s wife’s death. According to the whole book, Lennie, a poor big man with mental problems, was fond of petting small animals such as mice and rabbits that were finally killed by Lennie accidentally. He has also displeased young ladies on the former farm by touching them rudely, which drove Lennie and George to work on the other farm. These foreshadows indicate that Lennie would definitely do harm to Curley’s wife when she invited him touching her. Besides, the fact that there were not any women’s names mentioned in the book reveals how evil women presented in this book. Curley’s wife was considered as only temptation and the source of conflict. Eventually, Curley’s wife deserved her death, and only then would she back to innocence. Also, the death of Candy’s old dog strongly foreshadows Lennie’s death. Obviously, the similarity between Candy’s dog and Lennie was that they were useless, weak but innocent. Additionally, Candy’s dog …show more content…

On the one hand, George and Lennie’s wish of having their own farm, Cnady and Crook’s will of joining them, and Curley’s wife’s dream of being a movie star, were all unfulfilled in the end. These all symbolize the impossibility of American dreams On the other hand, almost all characters contained his or her own weakness, such as Lennie’s mental problems, Candy’s disability and old age, Crook’s color, women for Curley, and Curley wife’s gender and dissatisfaction. These characteristics make the story on the farm a symbol of predatory nature of human existence. Plus, racial and gender discrimination was recognized as a signify problem in this

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