Foreshadowing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Steinbeck uses other characters to foreshadows an event that's going to happen to Lennie and George under the same condition. George and Lennie wanted to fulfill their dreams by working at the ranch, but things do not go smoothly for them as the planned. Like what happened in Weed, meeting Curley’s wife, the unfortunate death of Candy’s dog, and how Lennie does not realize his strength which he might accidentally kill someone shows upcoming events. Many behaviors of Lennie lead to the downfall of George and Lennie’s dream because what happened in Weed, where Lennie scared a girl so like an animal he could not control his impulse to hold on to her dress. This foreshadows that with his uncontrollable strength he could hurt another person impulsively. Another foreshadow is when Candy is forced to decide to let Carlson kill his dog. He chose to let Carlson kill his dog because he had no other choice when he was pressured by Slim and Carlson. His decision leads to another unfortunate event of another person making the life or death choice for someone else. George says that Lennie’s Aunt Clara gave Lennie a lot of mice to pet, since Lennie like to pet soft thing, but ends up killing them because he pets them to hard. This foreshadows that Lennie will be killing things other than mice. …show more content…

During their conversation, Curley's’ wife tells him to touch her very soft hair, but she’s tells him to stop and he didn’t instead he puts his hand over her mouth from behind to stop her from screaming, accidentally he breaks her neck killing her. The decision has been made by George to kill Lennie because he was pressured when Curley and other were searching for Lennie and he wanted to kill Lennie

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