Obstacles In Of Mice And Men

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Elijah Hunt Dr. Baker English 10 12 May 2023 Mice And Men Even though in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck there are many obstacles that George and Lennie encounter, they eventually work out. In the book, Lennie and George are two workers who travel together, but Lennie gets them in trouble a lot. Lennie eventually kills Curley’s wife, Curley is the land owner's son. If Lennie didn’t kill Curley’s wife, George and Lennie would still have faced challenges in achieving their goals, but they would have had to approach them differently. The killing of Curley’s wife is a turning point in the story, highlighting the idea that life is full of obstacles you must overcome. The novel is a commentary on the American Dream and the difficulties …show more content…

Lennie killing Curley’s wife is THE turning point in the book. Lennie does not mean to kill her but he does and that will stay with all of them. Much like every man and woman on earth. Everyone encounters obstacles in their lives but they have to push through. Lennie kills Curley’s wife after breaking her neck so she would not yell. He was very scared like most men when they encounter a dangerous or scary situation. Lennie panics when he realizes he killed her, “For a moment he seemed bewildered. And then he whispered in fright, “I done a bad thing. I done another bad thing” (Steinbeck 93). Lennie is very scared after killing Curley’s wife but completely panics and doesn’t know what to do. The only thing he could think to do is run like the last farm they were on. Eventually, George finds Lennie and has to end his life to help everyone out, even Lennie, “Lennie giggled with happiness. “An’ live on the fatta the lan’.” (Steinbeck 105). Lennie went out of the world thinking about the thing that he was looking forward to and what made him very happy. George had to kill him to save everyone even though it was very hard to do. Every man encounters obstacles and things that will hurt them to the point where it eventually could kill them. Lennie killing Curley’s wife implies that every man faces challenges and you have to push through and live your best

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