Complicated Relationships In Of Mice And Men

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Evan Solveson Mr. Feuerstahler Accelerated English 10 April 18, 2023 Complicated relationships in “Of Mice and Men” John Steinbeck uses friendships and relationships throughout “Of Mice and Men” in a very interesting and complex way that adds great depth to the story. Throughout the book, there are many different friendships that can be observed by the reader. These friendships can be interpreted in vastly different ways, and they can vary in relevance to the story. A few examples of friendships throughout the story are George and Lennie, Lennie and his puppy, Candy and his dog, and Curley’s wife and Lennie. Each of these friendships are very important to the plot and they all connect to how the book ends. George and Lennie is the most obvious …show more content…

He got his puppy early in the book and he loved how soft it was. He was always petting it and showing it affection, but Lennie often forgets his own strength, which causes him to kill small animals, including his puppy. When Lennie realized that he accidently Killed his puppy, he was full of emotion. He was scared that George would be mad, sad at the loss of his puppy, and angry because he thought that he wouldn’t be allowed to tend the rabbits at the dream ranch. As he was sitting in the barn, sad about the death of his puppy, Curley’s wife comes in and they have a long conversation. Curley’s wife tells Lennie about her life and tells him things that she has never told anyone else. She tells him about what she wanted to do with her life, and about how she was unhappy with were she was and who she was around, and she also tells him about how she hates her husband. Lennie tells her about his puppy and how it died, and how he was upset because he thought that George would be mad. He told her about the dream ranch and about how he was going to tend the rabbits and about how he just loved to pet soft things like rabbits and puppies. When Curley’s wife heard this, she told lennie to touch her sft hair. Lennie started to mess up her hair, causing her to scream and panic. This stressed out Lennie, and caused him to accidentally kill Curley’s wife. Lennie killed both his puppy and Curley’s

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