How Does Steinbeck Create A Dialectical Journal For Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men Chapter 1: My Feeling’s: In the first chapter, John Steinbeck shapes a landscape of immense beauty that can be compared to the Garden of Eden. In the golden rolling hills of Soledad, California Lennie and George sit on a log worn smooth by many travelers. I enjoyed how Steinbeck portrayed George and Lennie; Lennie being the exact opposite of George yet still having a sort of unconditional love for each other. Lennie being the large, scary man who stereotypically be the one protecting George. It is the exact opposite. George is the one protecting Lennie. I reverse of roles shows that even though someone may look strong on the outside does not mean they are strong on the inside. This comes into play later in the book. Question’s …show more content…

Did you choose California to be the setting of this book because of the toll the Great Depression had on the farms? Chapter 2: My Feeling’s: In this chapter, I enjoyed how Steinbeck portrayed Slim as being almost the ‘head’ of the ranch. When Slim walks into the room everyone becomes quiet and attentive. This shows how much respect and say that Slim carries with him. Also in this chapter, George and Lennie meet with the son of the boss, Curley. We find out that Curley likes to pick on guys that are bigger than him. George warns Lennie to stay away from him as he is only trouble. This becomes relevant during the tragic ending to the book when Curley hunts down Lennie and vows to kill him. Curley’s dislike of men larger then him only amplifies his rage for Lennie killing his wife. Question’s for the Author: Why does Curley have so much ownership over his wife? Why does Lennie disobey George and speak when he is not supposed to? Is it true that the killing of the old dog and the birth of the new puppies show a disregard for the old and the weak? Does Curley know about his wife flirting with the other men on the …show more content…

When she lets him touch her hair as it is soft like the puppy Lennie grabs hold of her hair and never lets go. To stop her screaming he covers her mouth and shakes her violently; he ends up snapping her neck. Knowing what he must do, Lennie flees to the designated spot in the clearing of the woods to wait for George. When George finds out that Curley’s Wife is dead he knows who did it. He makes sure to make it look like he didn't kill her by having Old Candy go and tell the rest of the men. George comes in after the crowd and realized what must happen, he will have to kill

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