Of Mice And Men Context And Set Up Analysis

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In the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Lennie, doesn’t know his own strength 2. Thesis Lennie doesn’t know his own strength, he shows this throughout the story during his episodes, outbreaks, and reactions. 3. Transition Word or Phrase Specifically 4. Example 1 Context and Set-up George finds that Lennie has a mouse hidden in his pocket and he tells him he can’t have it because it’s dead. 5. Example 1 Quotation “You’ve broke it petting it. You can get another mouse that’s fresh.” (9) 6. Example 1 Analysis Lennie loves these little mice but he doesn’t know his own strength when he accidentally snaps its neck while he is petting it. 7. Transition Word or Phrase next 8. Example 2 Context and Set-up Even when Lennie is protecting himself …show more content…

Example 2 Analysis Lennie stopped Curley, like George asked him to, but Lennie felt terrible after. “‘You tol’ me to.’ Lennie said miserably.” Lennie doesn’t want to get in trouble and he acts like a little kid, blaming on other people, to save himself. 11. Transition Word or Phrase Finally 12. Example 3 Context and Set-up When Lennie gets scared he doesn’t know what to do. When Curley’s wife offers Lennie to feel her hair Lennie loves it so much he holds on. Curley’s wife starts screaming and jerks her head away, causing Lennie to snap her neck. 13. Example 3 Quotation “He shook her; and her body flapped like a fish.” 14. Example 3 Analysis When Lennie gets scared he loses control and does whatever he can to solve the issue. In this instance, his response was shaking her which ended up breaking her neck. 15. Transition Word or Phrase To conclude 16. Thesis Summary/Conclusion Lennie can’t control his own strength. Whether he is petting a soft animal, defending himself, or not knowing how to react when he is scared; Lennie just seems to be in the wrong places at the wrong time. He always seem to get caught in a situation that he can not get out of. 17.

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