What Is George's Justification For Lennie Shooting

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George's justification for shooting Lennie is to keep him from experiencing the pain that will follow the consequences of his actions. Lennie is going to be lynched, seemingly beaten up, furthermore Curley is going to kill Lennie. George also perceives that even if they were to escape, it would be just a matter of time before Lennie has another "accident" and kills someone else. George knows he can't protect Lennie from society, as he also cannot protect society from Lennie. Killing Lennie before he is caught is the only kind thing to do. It is a quick end, additionally George even protects Lennie from seeing it coming. It is an act of love, for the reason that George is putting an end to Lennie. He feels like Candy. Find quote about Carlson…show more content…
Which means Lennie hurts animals and other people without meaning to. On their way to the bunkhouse, Lennie keeps petting a dead mouse in his pocket, when George says “you've broke it pettin' it.” (Steinbeck 9). Killing a little mouse by petting it is a splendid case that displays that Lennie has jurisdiction over his strength. Lennie was “gently” petting the mouse and snapped the little mouse's neck, Ironically Lennie adores soft furred creatures. Alternatively, Steinbeck shows that Lennie has no oversight over his power is when Lennie is in the horse stables and is playing with his dog when he accidentally smacks it, Lennie says. ‘“I was jus playin’ with him… I made like I was gonna smack him [and] I done it”’ (Steinbeck 87). Unintentionally smacking a dog shows that he cannot constrain his strength because Lennie is going to feign hit him. Also, smacking the mutt so hard that it dies certainly shows his lack of control because Lennie was not careful. The last example that shows that Lennie has no control is when Lennie starts pulling Curly’s wife's hair too hard and Lennie covers her mouth because she was yelling and snapped her neck “ Her feet battered on the hay and she writhed to be free” (Steinbeck 91). This shows that Lennie has no control over himself because he couldn’t tell that Curly’s wife was suffering. It also shows that he can’t control his power because he snapped her neck when Lennie was only trying to
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