Lennie Impact On Of Mice And Men

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Wrong Impact In the book Of Mice and Men there are a handful of characters that all effect the story but none more then Lennie who is one of the main characters of the book. Lennie is childlike, a hard worker, and positive throughout the story making it easy for people to like him.The only problem is he is one of the least helpful main characters in a book ever. So I spite of him being a main character he is a hindrance thee entire book. In the book Lennie is portrayed as a positive kind hearted character but, his influence being negative by hurting others himself, ultimately his influence ends up being negative, causing his own downfall. Lennie ends up hurting all the people around him for instance he crushes Curley’s hand with George just telling him to fight back imagine if he said not to hold back he could have really killed Curley. The importance of this moment, at least to me, shows just how strong Lennie is and how much he can’t control his strength making where he’s not just killing a little mouse but, “crushing every bone in Curley’s hand” which is a huge show of strength. Before this moment as well he makes George and him late too their first days on the farm which makes him a hindrance not only by hurting people, but also in …show more content…

With Lennie seeming to be the nicest character he is contrasted by being very emotionally unstable way too strong for his good and with him being to strong he ends up killing people hurting animals on a regular basis and even though he may not intend to kill Curley’s wife and break Curley’s hand but that doesn’t change anything. Lennie is a bad character in the book where even George knows he is probably better off without Lennie and even acknowledges it and even in the end at his delusional state he realized he was a hindrance too George and the people around

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