Of Mice And Men George And Lennie's Death

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In the book of mice and men there are two characters named George and Lennie. George and Lennie were robust friends and had known each other from a young age. They worked and traveled together. Lennie was not completely sane and couldn 't help it. In the book of “mice and men” Lennie murders a lady. Her husband was very mad his name was Curley. So since Curley was disturbed about his wife he wanted to execute Lennie. The next moment Curley had a gang ready to find Lennie, but only George knew where he was at. In conclusion George goes to Lennie and him before anyone else can hurt him.

There is debate whether George slaughtered Lennie with justification or not. Personally i believe that Lennie was loony and didn 't know how to control himself. In addition, I know in the book Lennie butchered bijou animals uncontrollably. Also Lennie was a kind person, but when he got pissed he hurt Curley However, people might say that he didn 't know what he was doing when doing such things. …show more content…

Meanwhile other people might say he needs to be in a home for deranged people. I personally agree since Lennie was a harm to others and himself. Another thing he could hurt or kill someone else around him that was innocent. Although people believe he could be put away from people in a crazy home or taken to a penitentiary.

Finally, should George go to jail for killing Lennie? I believe that George helped Lennie by keeping him out of a home for the mental. Also i believe that George did the right thing because Curley was gonna kill him or even worse beat him to death. Although people believe George shouldn 't have killed him and he should 've let the police deal with him it would have most likely made things

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