Similarities Between Lennie In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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When Wrong is Right At the end of “Of Mice and Men” George is faced with grim decision of shooting his best friend and family member Lennie to ease both of their future pains. George has known Lennie for mostly all of his life and he knew that when Lennie was dead their dream of having a house would be over. George then makes up his mind and shoots Lennie making him think if it was the right decision or it was wrong. In this case the decision was right because of many reasons with one being that Lennie would never be able to survive in the world that they live in. Lennie had low brains and high strength, allowing him to get far with George helping him. But, Lennie never knowing when he did something wrong only put him on a clock before he would end up dying for something he didn’t understand. “They run us outta weed,”(Steinbeck 7) this quote shows that already at the beginning of the book Lennie has …show more content…

George always wanted to get rid Lennie but, his bond with Lennie made it hard for him to ever let go. “We got a future”(Steinbeck 14) this quote shows how while George is a hot head, he cares for Lennie and always wanted him to know they were family and they had something to look forward to. George and Lennie’s past shows that George used to take advantage over Lennie, “I’ve beat the hell outta him, and he could bust every bone in my body…,but he never lifted a finger against me”(Steinbeck 40). Lennie could have smashed every bone in George’s body, but never raised a finger towards George showing that their bond was stronger than family. George and Lennie cared for each more than family from the beginning and show it throughout the story with making the choice of George ending Lennie’s life absolutely agonizing, but the right

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