George Do The Right Thing

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"Of mice and men" a novel by John Steinbeck which will be discussed in this paragraph evaluating two specific points, one of them is that George did the right thing by killing Lennie for many circumstances to be discussed later; and the second is about George was not supposed to kill Lennie under any reason because the life of every human being must be respected by every person in the world. George, seeing that Lennie did not have the ability to live on his own, always got into very serious problems and seeing that neither of them could get ahead because of those motives as you can see in the next quote: "I done a real bad thing," he said. "I shouldn 't of did that. George 'll be mad. “ (Steinbeck 47). It is true that George did not know …show more content…

On the other hand you can analyze the actions that George did and you can say that they were not very human decisions. George killed his best friend because Lennie killed a person and was going to get into more problems but nevertheless can not say that this is justified. George always told Lennie all the plans they had together, like buying a ranch, he was always keeping it with the expectation that they were going to stay together forever. This quote is an example of how Lennie and George looked happy in the future. "O.K. Someday- we 're gonna get the jack together and we 're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an ' a cow and some pigs..." (Steinbeck 7). It is clear that George did not have the right to end Lennie 's life in such a selfish way. George always talks to Lennie about how fabulous they are when they are together at their own ranch and from day to day I end up with their life in a very cruel way. In conclusion, it can be said that George 's reasons for ending George 's life were enough to do so since Lennie was a very dependent person and could not stand alone. George tried to help him at all times as far as he could, but still Lennie was still in serious trouble, that 's precisely the reason why George wanted to prevent Lennie suffering in the future because he realized that he could not live alone. However, no one has the right to end a person 's life, no matter what the reasons for it. A person 's life is individual and

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