Of Mice And Men Murder Is Wrong

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Is murder always wrong? When someone murders someone it can be for many reasons. Most people would usually jump to bad conclusions, but could a murder ever be justified as the right thing to do? In the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck a Murder is likely to be justified. In Steinbeck’s work the main character, George killed his friend Lennie. Although many people may believe George killed Lennie for selfish reasons, George shooting Lennie was actually the right thing to do and put Lennie to rest humanely. There are many reasons why some people believe that George killed Lennie for selfish and the wrong reasons. Some of those reasons are that George did not want to carry around the burden of Lennie anymore. Yes, this may be true …show more content…

George spared Lennie the pain and cruelty of what the others would have done if they caught him. George also did this to make sure Lennie did not hurt anyone else or do any more dreadful things and so that Lennie could die with happy thoughts and not in a bad place. If Curly and the rest of the farm members found Lennie, they would have locked him up, tortured him and made him die a slow painful death. By George taking him away and keeping him calm and doing it quickly he spared Lennie the gruesome pain and let him die peacefully. Shooting Lennie was painless. The second reason as to why George had to put Lennie to rest is because he is keeping Lennie from hurting anymore people and doing sad things. Lennie murdered Curly’s wife and the puppy both accidentally. Lennie does not know how to control his own strength. Lennie has a kind heart and did not mean to kill anyone. But by George putting him down this prevents anymore of that. The last reason George euthanized Lennie is because he let Lennie go when he was in a happy place and thinking of things that made him the happiest. George spoke of their shared dream of owning their own farm and all the rabbits he would get to tend. Lennie getting to be on his own farm with George and getting to tend the rabbits was his ultimate dream and what always made Lennie the happiest. George made it so when Lennie died, he was thinking of that. Lennie was happy when he

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