Why Is Lennie's Death A Murder Or A Euthanization?

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Sir Shrek Irby English 3 03/08/2006 Murder or euthanasia Around the world there are about 920000 euthanasians in pets and animals and over 400000 murders happen every year In John Steinbeck's novel, Of Mice and Men, there is a debate about whether Lennie's death was a murder or a euthanization. However, this essay will argue that Lennie's death was a euthanization and not a murder. In Steinbeck's novel portrays Lennie's death as a euthanization because it was not a planned event that George intended to happen. Lennie's disability caused him to engage in actions with consequences that he had no clue of this made euthanization the most compassionate option to deal with Lennie. Many argue that Lennie's death was murder because George did not want to deal with him anymore. On the contrary, George never wanted to kill Lennie but to help him not harm or cause damage to others. Lennie is often misunderstood and mistreated by others, including George, his friend, and his caretaker. Because of Lennie's severe disability, he was unable to comprehend what was happening around him. Also because of his disability, he was …show more content…

George loved Lennie too much to kill him in cold blood. George's idea to euthanize Lennie was the best possible thing to happen to him because he could have had a worse death like being shot in the guts by curly or having the police that never ended up being in this novel kill him. This was the only way to protect Lennie from constant punishment Lennie's disability made him venerable to others and how he acted. Lennie also needed constant supervision and that made him a big hassle but only George was the one who could provide the care Lennie needed, and his decision to euthanize Lennie was the ultimate act of

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