George Should Be Allowed To Kill Lennie's Death

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Would you let your best friend who you’ve been protecting for years and spent hours of time with; would you let him die peacefully or painful? I think George was right to kill Lennie for numerous reasons. One of them being that George couldn’t just let Lennie go escape by himself because Lennie would die if he did. Also, Lennie was a dangerous individual and needed to be terminated before he caused more problems. Lastly George was right to kill Lennie because it was an act of mercy. Lennie has been proven repeatedly to not be self-sufficient. He relies on George for everything, for example when they went to the job interview for the wheat bucker interview at the ranch George was the only one who talked. Also, Lennie didn’t stick up for himself …show more content…

There is a lot of evidence that Lennie was going to rape Curly’s wife if he didn’t kill her. He was pulling her hair tighter and tighter, and only snapped out of it when she died. Not when she was struggling or screaming. Even though Lennie probably won’t do what he did to Curly’s wife to George, he still is dangerous and might kill him. He has been acting more rebellious towards George in the book. For example, he starts lying and disobeying him. Who knows what would happen if George didn’t kill him and went with him one more time. George might’ve been another one of Lennie’s victims. Also, how about you put yourself in George’s shoes for a second. Imagine how many times George had to do the same thing. Moving to a job with hard labor and finally getting money and food again, then having Lennie mess something up and force him to leave and go to somewhere else to find a new place to work. Restarting the cycle all over again. How long do you think it would take you to get tired of running away with a murderer who carries around dead animals he killed and completely relies on you for everything? Also, even if George put aside everything and went with Lennie, his actions would still catch up with him and be marked as

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