Was George Justified In Killing Lennie Research Paper

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Was George justified in killing Lennie my personal opinion is gorge was wrong and it wasn't right for him to kill him or so called euthanasia lennie was his best friend who hes lived with thru thick and thin thru the rough times and the good times and they weren't just friends but one almost completed the other to where they were whole they were to me almost life partners in a weird kind of way Some causes of why George killing Lennie could be considered wright are due to lennie strangling curley's wife he was already going to jail any way therefore he wasn't going to be free anymore anyway also he hurt everything he touched for example the puppy that Carlson gave him he choked it to tight curley's hand he squeezed it so tight it almost killed …show more content…

Although those are good reasons to kill him lennie also did many good things to and therefor is why there is so many reasons why some people consider what George did wrong and it therefore doesn't make what George did justified due to him being his best friend and how he told so many people how he was looking out for lennie so he doesn't get in trouble on his own also for example lennie's aunt Claire and Carlson and curly dad therefore showing that he was lying about how he felt about lennie he even told lennie himself that his life would be easier without him Although some people believe George was wrong and some believe he was wright there are many reasons why it can go either way just because it can be considered euthanasia and due to lenine being considered a nuisance to himself and others but on the other hand it some say it isn't because lennie didn't get a say in whether or not on if he could live or die therefore making it not euthanasia but murder Therefore in conclusion George killing lennie is a huge topic that can go either way so to truly understand the topic you must read the book or watch the movie and come up with your own opinion on whether or not if what George did was euthanasia or just plain old

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