Examples Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

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How Does Steinbeck Show Foreshadowing? As time gradually ticks into the unfaltering future moments that are experienced in the past are brought up in new rather identical ways. This can be best explained as foreshadowing or an indication of what is to come. Foreshadowing is a faddish literary device used by a copious amount of authors. Much like the American author John Steinbeck, who is most famous for his books; Of Mice and Men, Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden,etc. Steinbeck uses foreshadowing in the most subtle of ways like in the novel Of Mice and Men which is based on a poem entitled To a Mouse written by Robert Burns. Steinbeck uses main characters Lennie and George, who face great difficulty in their journey as migrant workers …show more content…

In Chapter 1 George brings up the incident that has happened in Weed to the absent minded Lennie giving information to the reader stating “Jus’ wanted to feel that girl’s dress - jus’ wanted to pet it like a mouse…”. This gives basic information the Lennie may have a strong compulsion to soft materials, but in looking further into what George says is give a key point to an event that will happen in the future. George explains that Lennie has a possible problem with things being wild or making loud noise like when the girl screams Lennie clings to her like she is a mouse trying to squander her from moving and further and making more of a commotion.This is a relevant key that leads to the death of Lennie’s puppy. Whilst Lennie plays with the puppy it creates a quick and sudden motion as if the puppy was about to bite Lennie. This triggers Lennie to react harshly by “bouncing” the pup too hard and killing the puppy onsight. Lennie becomes troubled with the situation because he remember that George will not let him tend the rabbits in their dream ranch, so he proceeds to hide the puppy in the hay when Curley’s unnamed wife shows up to the barn where he is located. Lennie is first estranged to Curley’s wife,but as time passes on they become close and give up information to each other. Curley’s wife expresses the pain she has felt when …show more content…

Steinbeck once again uses the incident in Weed in a much smaller way to foreshadow the character's untoward circumstance. When George addresse the incident back in chapter one he states “[Lennie] If you jus’ happen get in trouble like you always done before...Come right here and hide in the brush.” something that is key to take away from this short blur is the line “like you always done before”. This hint that Lennie is in constant trouble and causes bad thing to happen mean that Lennie is nothing, but a troublemaker. This can relate to the first moment of hardship in getting the ranch that they so wretchedly wanted, which is the loss of their first job in Weed. Losing their first job in Weed causes a setback in money because there is no longer a reliable steady income. Now Lennie and George must find a new job which cause them to lose even more money because they are wasting money. A second portion is to this puzzle is that Lennie and George do not have good relationships when finding their new job with their bosses son. This is a problem because if at any moment Lennie causes some type of trouble they are the first to go. However the men do not give up hope, but looking at the money they both would make it is easy to see they won't be able to get the ranch anytime soon. The men soon become doubt the will ever get the ranch and from what other members of the farm the work on it is nearly

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