How Does Steinbeck Use Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

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Of mice and Men
A mental disease is a huge deal and many people struggle with it. Some people have it bad, and some just have a mild mental disorder. In the book, it shows how someone with a mental disease went wrong.
The book, Of mice and men, was made by the author Steinbeck. In the book it shows how two long term close friends try to find work, but it is very difficult for them. As they were doing well at the job they are at, they are forced from the job because of a horrible accident. In of mice and men, the author uses foreshadowing in when they are running away from the people, when lennie like to touch nice things, and how lennie reacts when he is hurt to achieve that lennie will make a mistake, and have to be brought down.
In the book Of mice and men, One of the main characters is named lennie. Lennie is the one with the mental disease. How lennie likes to have fun is he likes to touch soft, pretty things. He likes to keep ahold of those things. As lennie and george ( the main characters) were walking to their job, lennie pulls out a dead mouse. George ask him why he has it and he replies “because it’s soft”. George takes the mouse and throws it in the woods. George pulls …show more content…

But he doesn’t realize when someone is playing around or is actually being serious. The author states, “well, you keep away from her, cause she’s a rat trap”(steinbeck 36). The author is trying to show that curley’s wife tries to get with every man she see’s. But, also trying to show that she is beautiful and lennie likes her dresses. Also, the author states, “by christ, he’s gotta talk when he’s spoke to”(steinbeck 28). That is indicating that curley is trying to fight lennie. Curley doesn’t like people who are bigger than him, so he tries to take them down and act like a bigger guy than he really is. In conclusion, these topics use foreshadowing because when curley tries to fight lennie, because they end up fighting later in the

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