Curley's Wife Essay

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In John Steinbeck’s phenomenal novel Of Mice and Men, Curley’s wife causes problems all over the ranch by interrupting situations everywhere because she resides in a loveless relationship. Curley’s wife produced the Curley-Slim conflict by always dodging him and never being around to see him which lead Curley to quick accusations. Then she goes snooping in the barn to find poor Lennie after he just killed his pup which leads to her death and downfall of some rancher’s American Dream ranch. Curley’s wife also finds herself in Crook’s room just looking to stir trouble when she starts tossing out insults embarrassing them and hurting their spirits. No matter what situation is transponding she always finds a way to create problems for everyone…show more content…
Curley’s wife never ceases to stick her nose into unwanted situations, and she performs immaculately in this one. This scene brings us to a mourning Lennie distraught over his deceased pup when Curley’s wife comes in and starts pouring her heart out to him. Lennie insists that she leave but she wiggles on in. He continuously repeats that George does not want him talking to her but she convinces him to let her stay. She delves into how she was supposed to be an actor and she could have been in pictures, She begins to notice a lack of progress with Lennie. He then adds he likes to touch things and she offers him to touch her hair which leads Lennie down his path of destruction. She says, “ ‘Course I brush it a lot. That makes it fine. Here-feel right here.”(Steinbeck 88). Curley’s wife unwittingly sets up Lennie to change the entire course of the book and further complicate the situation for them. Lennie ends up killing Curley’s wife in a situation she never should have been in, but her nosy behavior brings her to her doom. If Curley and his wife could produce a real conversation maybe everyone could have gotten their dream to come true but somethings just do not pan out. Curley’s wife can be vicious in about any way just like she is to the other
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