Cattle Drive Narrative

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"Hey boss, how far do you think we'll get today?", I asked. "We'll keep going until the sun sets", the trail boss said with an annoyed look on his face. This being my first cattle drive, I didn't know what to expect or what it was going to be like. I also didn't get much respect. Being the drag rider, I got called "dust-eater" a lot. "Time to get going", the boss said. The other cowhands and I got on our horses, rounded up the cattle, and started our journey from New Mexico. It was only five o' clock in the morning so it was going to be a long, dreadful day. It was finally three o' clock in the afternoon, our lunch time. I was starving and couldn't wait to eat, but I had to. I was always the last one to get my food, because I'm the drag rider. My job as a drag rider, I had to make sure the slow cattle kept up with the herd. I …show more content…

"Ah! Help me!", screamed the trail boss. There was a lion on top of him trying to rip his head off. I quickly grabbed a knife from my back pocket and ran towards the lion as fast as I could. I jumped onto this vicious lion and started stabbing it with all of my might. After five minutes of stabbing went by, the lion was finally dead. The trail boss was free! "Thank you!", the boss said. Everybody gave me high fives and said "Good job!" or "Nice man!". Lunch was over and it was time to start traveling again. All of us got back on our horses and continued our journey. Five hours passed and the sky was pitch black. "Time to hit the hay", the trail boss said. As the other cowhands winded down, I rounded up the last few cows. When I was done I made a cot on the cold ground. Today had been a long day and I was already dreading tomorrow. I was about to fall asleep when suddenly the boss said, "I still can't believe you saved me from that lion. Is there anything that I can do to repay you?""Can I be the first one to get my food next time?", I

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