Lethal Furnace Research Paper

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Most young adults in the United States cannot wait to turn 21, so they can drink alcohol, but not this girl. I was from a smaller community and rarely ventured farther than the rusted barb wire fences of my families ranch. However, shortly after my 21st birthday life began to change. Applications got submitted, then came interviews, tests and more interviews. “You’re hired” said a voice on the other end of the phone. That had not told me much only where to show up, when, and how to dress. Basic Academy, just by the name I knew it would be a lot of work. One month later after passing more tests, learning the rules, more on dress, and expectations, they said I am ready to work in the largest prison in the state. An overnight move, no time to take in the new town, the new house, just off to bed, my fresh pressed uniform hung alone in the closet, my boots below shined from the full moons light. A very restless night into a rushed morning, my nerves were on edge, I zipped up my boots and ran out the door. The drive went quickly; I felt prepared as I pulled into the parking lot. The Lethal Fence looked like a normal chain-link fence just taller the razor wire along the top letting it be known that escape is no easy task. I walked through security and I was given my work assignment. The Thunder Dome! Having heard the rumors I did not know …show more content…

Disoriented and alone not even knowing yourself or your reflection, a deer stuck in the headlights, the mind its own prison. As Shawn T. Smith has written in The User’s Guide to the Human Mind, “Public scrutiny can exact a cost, such as being ostracized by the group” (15). “In its (the minds) effort to solve problems, it sometimes creates the very thing that we fear” (11). This was the day that I feared, and it left me fighting a battle to earn the respect from my brothers and sisters of the Thin Blue

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