How Did The Dust Bowl Change People's Life

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The winds were growing stronger. The sun was shining brighter. It had not rained for many days and the soil was dry. Then the winds whipped up the dust and soil. The wind blew everywhere and so did the dust. The air was filled with dust and dirt. Many mammals died from swallowing and breathing too much dust and dirt. It was during the Great Depression so animals were valued. Animals gave them money from their milk and meat. The Dust Bowl lasted a terrible ten years that changed many people's lives. The Dust Bowl was caused by dust drying up from the drought and the high winds making a huge dust “monster”. Static electricity builds between the dust and helps the dust “monster” grow. The heat, high winds, and no rain just added to the static electricity and made it worse. The Dust Bowl contained 350,000,000 tons of dirt. With all that dirt and static electricity, the “monster” destroyed everything in it's path. The farmers living there at the time dug up dirt to plant things. That made the soil loose. Since the soil was loose, it made it easier for the wind to lift it up in the air. The dust “monster” lifted up the dust and …show more content…

Cows died all of the time. Without cows, people couldn't survive. Cows gave them milk and meat to drink, eat, or sell. It was important for them to have things to sell because they were in the Great Depression so no one had much money. When the cows died, people cut them open to find out why they died. The people found that the cows were filled with dirt, dust, and sand. People had to wear masks over their faces to keep from swallowing dirt and sand. If the people swallowed too much dirt or sand, they would have an ending just like the cows. People dragged chains on their cars. If they didn't drag chains on their cars, their cars would be lifted up in the air. The people of the Dust Bowl were panicked for ten years and some people never got over

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