Creative Writing: Above The Clouds

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"Alec Ramsay and Black Minx are out in front, five lengths ahead, AND THEY ARE UNDER THE WIRE!" the radio in the barn blared. I had just finished jumping my palomino "Above the Clouds" but I call him Cloud for short. Blackwater Ranch was owned by the Leigh's but they were at a horse show, so I was watching the ranch for them. I took my hunt seat saddle off Cloud's back then removed the saddle pad and set it out to dry. Finally, I took off her bridle and hung it on the hook outside her stall then I opened the stall door. I lead Cloud inside and latched the hinge. "Porky! I'm back!" I announced when I walked into the house. Soon enough, he came trotting around the corner into the kitchen where I was taking off my riding boots. After I reached …show more content…

It's like 3:00 am here. What do you need?" Madelyn scolded. "Sorry. I just needed to let you know that there is a storm and the power went out," I replied while pulling on my boots. "Just make sure that all the horses are okay don't forget to check on your brother's goat," she told me. "Okay thanks," I mumbled before I hung up. I tried to open the door ever so slightly but the heavy winds blew the door open. I saw a pink blur speed past me, quickly realising that it was Porky and ran out to get him but he wasn't anywhere. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and texted my twin brother, Travers, "Hey, can you come out to the ranch? The power went out and Porky got out. I'm taking Cloud out to find him." I quickly grabbed my saddle, saddle pad, stirrups and bridle. I mounted Cloud as fast as I could, clicked my heels and began to canter out into the …show more content…

Cloud let out a loud sigh as I reached forward to pat his shoulder. "I know your tired boy. I am too," I confessed. I clucked and asked him to walk on. He did a head bob and moved as slow as a Tennessee walker. I clicked and squeezed his flanks asking him to trot as I began to post. "I really hate North Dakota weather," I complained. The storm was becoming unbearable but I don't know what I would do with myself if I left Porky out here. I thought that things were as bad as it could get but no, the storm began to pick up. I glanced down at the muddy ground beneath us and noticed that there was about an inch of water collecting around Cloud's hoofs. Cloud spooked and began to side step, it began to get hard to hold on. His head rapidly bobbed, putting too much stress on the bridle. The bridle broke at the bit and fell off. Cloud reared up, and my leg was slammed into a tree and the bottom of the stirrup broke. A large branch of the tree snapped off and fell onto my other stirrup, I wailed out in pain. I began to slip off my saddle. With my last bit of strength, I grabbed onto Cloud's mane. I could feel the water around my legs, the water had risen to about three feet. I knew if I let go, this might be my last breath of

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