Bearskin Monologue

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Bearskin I raced to the front door wondering why is my brothers car in the driveway? Islam through the door to find him standing there with my stuff and a new puppy with a bow on it’s head? “ Hey why do you have my stuff and that new little puppy?” I asked Well to be honest we soldiers that come home too a little village called Angern we never come home too good news. “Dude as much as I hate to say it I lost my job, because of you and now you will pay and pay with this house and all you’re cold hard cash.” “Lyle stop kidding around it’s not funny!” “Bearskin I’m serious oh and to keep you company I bought you a puppy I thought he was cute so I bought him and I got him a toy and food enjoy oh and a leash,” To be honest he is really cute, but what if he…show more content…
“Good boy I knew you would!” I like making him happy when this kind of thing will happen. “NO PLEASE GIVE ME 24 HOURS AND I WILL GET MONEY I PROMISE PLEASE JUST SPARE ME SPARE ME!” A man in the distance called out. I went to the spot where I heard this cry and there was a man about to be arrested. “Before you arrest him is there some reason to arrest him consisting of money?” I asked the officer. “This man has no money to even pay his house how can he take care of his daughters!” The officer exclaimed. “That’s it ha how funny I’m rich I can pay the young fellow!” I tried to sound rich only I sounded as though I just got in a car accident. My voice sounded parched. I gave the man money so he wouldn’t get arrested and he gave me his will of marrying one of his daughters. I walk inside his house and 3 girls greet me and the first 2 and the oldest 2 scream at the sight of me. “I will fulfill my father’s promise and marry this kind man,” The youngest daughter was very kind to do this. “Okay then I will be back in 4 years I will be back and better than
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