Red Monologue

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Day 1: I open my eyes, sitting up straight, only to realize that everything is turned 90 degree to the right… Next to us, a yellow school bus lies on its side. Pieces of glass scatters everywhere. Black smokes exit the cranky engine, traverse up to the height of an oak tree, then dissipate into the blue sky. The bus won’t ignite its fuel and start working. Blood spilt on the grass and on the bus walls. We try to shake and wake up the driver and our couch, but the responses were the two cold bodies with dark red liquid on their foreheads. Anna is deeply cut in her arm by a chunk of glass from the window, to such an extent that she sobs and groans like a three-year-old kid having his lollipop taken away. Belle has been squeezing her shin area since she got out of the bus. I can see a serious bruise on …show more content…

It is turning from red to a purple-blue color. Blood suddenly leaks from her cut, dyes the gauze red. She cannot scream anymore. Her eyes are dead shut, and she breathes hard than ever before. “Someone, get some antibiotics. Hurry up!” Isabel shouts. “Stop it, that is not the right way.” Suddenly, Aria shouts. “Boil some water and bring me some wet towels.” Diana quickly gets some water from a nearby stream and puts the pot on the fire. Quickly, Aria lays the wet towel on the wound. Using two fingers, she applies pressure to it until the wound stops bleeding. Dexterously, she then takes a new towel, dips it into the hot water, adds some antibiotics and carefully rubs it against the cut. “Have you ever done this before?” I asks. “Just read books.” She takes a new gauze, rolling it around the wound cushioned with some cotton. After a while, Anna stops gasping. Her eyes slowly open. Phew! “Thanks.” She says. “No need to thank me. I only did it because it would be a pain in the ass if you died right here…”

Day 12: Anna never opens her eye again. Aria bites her finger. “Tch… Was I too late?” We buries her with a

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