Saddle Horse Ride Analysis

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We woke up before dawn to saddle horses. We walked down below to go bring the horses up. We caught and saddled them one by one. We saddle 17 horses like nothing, in a record time. The sun is all the way up and the horses stand in a line waiting on a rider. The bell rings it is time to eat breakfast. We pray and eat, the kids are excited for the day and all that they will do. We choose groups to ride and how will take out which group. One of us announces the groups and the kids are so excited and they all rush out the door when they are dismissed. The kids stand there at the gate asking if they can ride who they rode last year. And usually they can. We get all the kids on horseback and they are all ready to go so I go get my horse and we are on our way. I give them the rundown on how to stay back behind me when we ride. We go get going on our ride and we are doing really well and they are all so excited. The big question that I am asked is can we run and I have to let them down and tell them no. Then you get that allman and we continue. Then I spot some mule deer doe and her foun, the kids that are paying attention see it but the doe gets spooked and runs away. The kids are so amazed by little things. I have learn how to use the little …show more content…

The kids ask what is the square rock in the ground right there? I tell them that is the highest point from there to harney peak.The kids reply ‘’that is cool’’ I see the amazement in the kids eyes. The expressions make my day. The are having so much fun and learning so much. I see a little patch of black samson and I ask the kids ‘’have you ever had Black Samson’’? And the kids reply no… And so i tell them about it and cut it out of the ground and give a little piece to each of them. The face they give me are hilarious. Then the kids let it sit in their mouths on they say I can’t feel my mouth and I say keep it in they start to drool. We all got a good laugh out of

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