My Ecstasy: A Personal Experience Of Being A Horse

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This morning already started off on a bad note(1). I didn 't get any sleep last night because the stupid cattle would not stop mooing, annoying little useless animals they are. And I was near about to fall asleep when all of the sudden my owner opens the barn door, and stomps right in and wakes me up(2). I quietly mutter under my breathe ¨today is not going to be a good day(3).¨ Also my ownery didn 't give me the amount of hay I wanted so my stomach keeps growling every five seconds(4). Man being a horse is hard everybody should try it for once in their life just to experience the sensation of misery(5)! ¨Oh no, here he comes(6). I watched as my owner approached me with a halter, he put it around my head and tied the knot, and then led me out of my precious beloved stall into the dark and gloomy tack room(7).(where horses go to get saddled and begin their day of hard work). He proceeded brushing me off, which is the only thing I enjoy about the tack room(8). The nice smooth bristles gently gracing your back(9). Man If I didn 't get that treatment for free, I would pay cold hard cash for the experience of the sensation(10). …show more content…

¨Oh no, here comes with the pad(11)!¨ ¨Hey there girl(12).¨ My owner says the same words to me every morning(13). And I always act like I don 't understand him, but truth is horses can understand humans, but don 't tell them, for we like being secretive about it(14). ¨Oh please no not the

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