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Throughout my community I have made it my goal to help empower the young girls and mentor them in anyways possible. I am a volunteer cheer trainer for the local recreational team East Chatham Chargers. This program allows the youth a chance to be young athletes and something positive to do after school and on the weekends. Being apart of this program allows me a chance to motivate the girls to push themselves as hard as they can to achieve their goals. Me being a cheerleader and looking back I always give them advice that I wish someone had given me, that could’ve helped me achieve more that I have in my cheer career. I also am a part in My Sisters Keeper which is a club for minority girls, with a focus on promoting academic excellence, community …show more content…

We also volunteer around our community doing things like helping set up 5k walks for people killed in senseless acts, Relays, and helping with fundraisers for students who have insinuating medical circumstances that need financial help, Habitat for Humanity, our schools Fuel Up program, Cora Walks and more. We also set up activities to involve our local middle school girls a safe and fun place to go, all while being around positive role models, getting homework help, or maybe a place to go just to get away all while enjoying themselves around others who all may have similar situations going on in their lives. My goals for the future are to go to a four year university and double major in social work and dance. I would like to pursue these careers seeing that social workers often create a bad name in the community, and I have always had a passion to help people in any way that I can, I have always told myself that I wanted to be a better social worker than any that I have met before. I enjoy seeing others succeed in life, and always want others to do as well as they can. I want to major in dance as well because dance helps me channel my inner thoughts in a positive way. Dance is known to be a therapy for people who

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