Free College Admissions Essays: My Passion For Volunteering

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Throughout my life I have been blessed with more opportunities than many other people my age. This is why I strive to act on all of the opportunities I have been given, while also satisfying my passion for giving back to those who are less fortunate. Firstly, one of the most beneficial events in shaping myself was attending the National Student Leadership Conference. Hundreds of students are chosen annually for their outstanding leadership qualities within their communities. During the one and half week camp, students not only focus on improving their leadership qualities, but also get hands on experience in the field of their choice. The second experience touches my heart more, and my passion for volunteering. Over the four years of my high school education I have been involved in three life changing volunteering organizations. …show more content…

The second organization I have been involved in was National Honors Society, which focused on formulating young leaders. Finally I volunteered at Methodist Richardson Hospital as a junior volunteer, which really allowed me to show my compassion for others. Every day I interacted with patients and their family members, trying to bring a smile to their faces during a tough situation. I love to cheer others up in everything I do. My final experience, was interning at a small technology startup company. There I learned how to function within a team of engineers. I was tasked with creating an eHealth solution that would allow for more efficient and effective chronic health care. This experience was so beneficial, because it allowed me to achieve my goal of using engineering to help improve other people’s

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