Hrm 531 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Total Adventures I definitely would purchase team training courses from Total Adventures for my company. Total Adventures is a corporate team building company that offers themed adventures and interactive activities for parties and events with unique challenges and programs. They provide inventive and stimulating team building programs designed to boost communication and motivation in the workplace and offer support for other HR related issues like cooperation and team morale. Retrieved from adventures/ourTeam.php. Teams are more important than ever and can help a company quickly achieve its goals. To assemble a successful team, team members should see each other as equal peers, agree on the work and be trained on skill sets and on how to be a team player. It is crucial …show more content…

Shy people do not like being put on the spot and will break out in a cold sweat when asked to participate in an icebreaker activity. These usually involve standing up and talking about yourself to a bunch of strangers. This game serves as an icebreaker for new people in the company to break out of their shell and get to know their teammates by playing in a fun group game show. The book worms and puzzle lovers will also enjoy the analytical aspect of the game, and the highly creative people will have fun with the artistic qualities of the game. The extroverts and introverts both will be highly entertained. Hospital employees is a career type that will benefit from activities like Total Adventures team building challenges. Multiple studies reveal hospitals function better over time if the staff are devoted to their jobs and committed to what they do. Regular fun activities and other projects were execute over a three year period at a Gainesville, Florida hospital. Study results showed increased employee satisfaction and a reduction in employee turnover rate. (Brunges, M., & Foley-Brinza, C.,

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