My Leadership Philosophy Essay

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From my point of view , Leadership has more to it than I can possibly imagine. I define leadership as the art of enabling a group of people get to a specific destination.As a leader your main focus was to enable your followers lead theselves. As i think deeper i realise a person cannot choose to be a leader. I think a lot of the time people take on leadership positions without knowing. For example The role of leading your siblings because you are the first child is not by choice you just become a leader in that situation by birth.Although someone might argue that for some leadership positions a person has to choose to run for that position. I think this perception only applies to big leadership positions which constitute a minimal number of leadership positions. As I think back to my leadership journey, From childhood to now i realise i never once said i want to be the leader. I remember in First grade my teacher stood in front of the class one morning and said “Enam will be the class prefect this term”. At 5 …show more content…

It was a small village so everyone knew The families that could not afford to send their children to school or the women who were constantly getting beat up by their husband. What still lingers in my mind were the many women who had dreams and potential but had to leave these dreams to take care of their families. These things have influenced my passion for women and underprivileged people.As i think deeper into my upbringing, I realised the extent of the effects it has had on me My goal to succeed is influenced by the things my grandfather used to say to me. He used to take me to the courthouse and point at the judge and say “that will be you when you grow up”. It also brings to mind the power of believing in people. As a child all i needed was one person to motivate me and i tried my best to be the best at what i do. I see motivating as a great leadership

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