Tim Tebow And Winston Comparison Essay

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Tim Tebow and Jameis Winston are not only exceptional quarterbacks, but they are also amazing role models. However, an appropriate choice of audience depends on the fans’ attitude and team accommodations. Although, they bear some minor similarities, the differences between Tebow and Winston are clear.
Winston means well . Winston was the youngest ever to win the Heisman Trophy completed his 27-game career. In 2013, his pass efficiency mark of 184.84 is the fourth-best in college football history. Jameis Winston is 21 years old he was the leader in his high school ‘Football Star’. Until, Winston lost the support of his hometown and suffers the effects of poor leadership qualities. People focus their attention on the negative attention given off instead of the good in Winston. He had sexual assault allegations,stealing food and other things against him . While in high school nobody took any action on his …show more content…

He not only helped the Gators won 2 Bcs championships on 2007 but, he also lead the NFL’s Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011. Known for his devotion to his christian beliefs and his charity work. “Tebowing” - Dropping to one knee in prayer with his head resting on one hand. The move has been both widely imitated by Tebow fans and widely mocked by other. Tebow became the cultural phenomenon in the 2011 football season. Tebow made a Foundation in Jan. of 2010 , faith based outreach group works with children in need in the both the U.S and the Philippines building facilities for sick children,granting wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses and building playrooms in hospitals or other far-reaching charitable works.
Although ,Many people believe that Tim Tebow and Jameis Winston are not comparable. Both young men Received the Heisman Trophy. Millions of people looked up to them for different reasons. Tebow and Winson are motivators. They lead each of their teams to playoffs and both played in the 2006 National Championship

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