Summary By Ms Spearman Syllabus

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A syllabus outlines everything a student should, and or needs know about a class they plan on taking. Ms. Spearman, one of the instructors for English 1102, devises a syllabus that explains what enrolled students should expect and are expected of in her class. She provides basic information for the class, explains what her students should gain by the end of the course, and what is expected of them while they are in her class. In producing a syllabus, Ms. Spearman provides her students with all the tools and knowledge to be successful in her class. Ms. Spearman begins her syllabus by informing her students of the book required for her class along with her contact information. She notifies her students of where her office can be located accompanied by the time and days when she is available to her students. Ms. Spearman also supplies her email as an alternative way to getting in contact with her. After introducing the materials needed for the course and the variety of ways to get in contact with her, Ms. Spearman provides her students with information about what to expect from the class. …show more content…

Spearman provides the student learning outcomes which state that students will learn various strategies of reading and writing that connects sources to their ideas to various topics. Some of the lessons she will be teaching includes synthesizing sources, demonstrating appropriate tone and structure of a paper, in addition to using rhetorical devices to analyze texts. In the middle of explaining what the students will learn from her class, Ms. Spearman makes sure that her students know a grade of a C at the least is needed to earn credit and to pass the course and later explains what is needed to pass her

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