The Audience In Othello

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The common aim of playwrights of any time or location is to capture and hold the attention of their audience; this is what Shakespeare has clearly done. The tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, is one of Shakespeare 's most renowned plays. Through construction of intriguing characters, exploration of universal themes, use of comic relief and a well-written script featuring a compelling plot, Shakespeare ensured the tragedy of Othello would hold the interest of the audience; despite being over four centuries old. It possesses so many conditions that can be accentuated to hit nerves with both a Shakespearean and modern audience. The entire plot of Othello is very much like the attitudes and methods of our modern day society. The interest of an audience is held by themes that are fundamental to the human condition, as these reflect our world and examine human nature. For example, Othello explores themes of jealousy which is still relevant to this day. Therefore most themes in this play have a broad appeal to all people. The lives of a twenty first century audience are substantially different to those of a Shakespearean time but the themes of love, hate and death are timeless. Iago’s determination to destroy both Othello and Cassio represent gossip and rumour in everyday life. That being said the complication and lack of communication is simple yet brilliant. Lastly the role of women plays a big part in the appeal of the play as it shows how Desdemona enforces the idea of
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