Thesis Statement For Othello

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As humans we all have been where rumors have been spread about us or where we do the opposite. They, however, all tend to do some harm to us and it can cause certain conflicts to occur during the process. Death can be the outcome of something like this because this did happen to three innocent people. They were all wrapped up in a bed of lies that ended their lives sooner than expected.

Thesis statement: Othello Desdemona and Emilia ended up with unfortunate deaths because of Othello 's integrity towards Iago.
Thesis Statement: Othello’s generosity and integrity, let the false accusations that Iago told him get to him because he was too focused on one part of the story that was being told.
As Othello kept listening to Iago 's lies he became very heated and ended up killing …show more content…

Emilia was also involved in the problem which ended her life in a matter of minutes. Once Iago had no other than to confess Othello finally realized what a big of a mistake he had committed. He as well decides to end his life by stabbing himself. Othello, being one of the main characters in ‘Othello’, had been tricked and deceived by Iago, Emilia’s husband. At one point in the story Othello and Iago had a conversation about Cassio and Desdemona in which Iago tells Othello ‘With her, on her; what you will.’ Othello soon went crazy and said ‘Lie with her! lie on her! We say lie on her, when they belie her. Lie with her! that 's fulsome.” Everything that Iago kept telling him kept building up anger in him until one day he had enough.
He told Desdemona that she should confess her sins before he killed her and she said’ never did Offend you in my life; never loved Cassio’ however, he still didn 't believe her. She then says ‘But while i say one prayer!’ Othello responded ‘It’s too late’ and then he suffocates her. Without guilt Desdemona was killed by Othello’s blindness in falling for Iago’s trap. This would’ve ended up differently if only Othello had just talked things out with

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