Iago Manipulation In Othello

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In many stories, there are villains who seem to control how the characters act by manipulation. These kinds of villains use multiple techniques to get what they want and to execute their plans. The techniques are used to affect the characters in a negative way in favor of the villain. In Othello, the antagonist Iago, plays that role. Iago affects the characters’ lives in a negative way by his honest reputation, his ability to “read” people, and how he “proves” to be Loyal. Iago’s honest reputation and his two-faced personality ensnares the protagonists into his plan. Initially he gets the character to think that he is generally honest and then builds that small reputation up to a bigger one so then he can spill out lies to trick them. He seems to be honest through his actions when he is in view of the character. When Iago informs certain characters that he knows have fallen into his trap, the characters will not doubt what he has to say. While Iago fills the characters’ minds with lies, the characters will act according to the lies thinking he is honest. Although his lies are sometimes subtle it affects the Othello is one of the victims who believed Iago. You can already tell that Othello has been fooled when he calls him “a man [of] honesty and trust”. The audience already knows that Iago is a liar and loathes Othello, so the audience can tell when Iago is being two-faced and that Othello truly believes in him. Iago’s impact on Othello makes him lose control of his

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