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Manipulation Has someone ever manipulated you? The real question is have you ever manipulated someone else? When we look at manipulation and what it can do to a person, we see that it can really take a toll on someone's mind causing them to say or do the unexpected. Manipulation is portrayed in books, movies, tv shows, and even plays. In Othello, Shakespeare uses manipulation to show how it has the power to change your perspective of the people you trust the most. Manipulation can ruin your perspective of someone, even who you are closest to. In the play, Iago feeds Othello lies about his wife Desdemona. Iago’s false words enraged Othello and Othello begins to think poorly of his innocent wife. Othello angrily turns to Iago and yells “ O, devil, devil!” (IIII.i.273) in frustration with his loyal bride. Iago is getting into Othello's head so much that Othello fails to see the truth. As the play goes on, you see Othello’s actions become violent. As Desdemona approaches Othello, Othello strikes her causing her to cry and leave the room is sadness …show more content…

Iago and his wife Emilia enter the room to comfort Desdemona. Desdemona weeps telling Iago that Othello hates her. Iago sat by her saying “Fie, there is no such man. It’s impossible” (IIII.ii.157) trying to reassure her. Iago uses manipulation in a different way here. His method of manipulation is comfort and reassurance which makes Iago an even more dangerous character. Iago uses his tone to manipulate and calm Desdemona of her worries. Iago looks at her and tells her to be happy and that Othello is not serious about what he is saying and that he is just being funny (IIII.ii.194). Desdemona then relaxes and is content for sometime. Iago’s success in manipulating Desdemona creates tension and further problems. Emilia, Iago’s wife is also a victim, his wrongdoings and fails to see what her husband is doing to her and everyone around

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