Jeep Rhetorical Analysis

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A company’s success is deeply dependent on its ability to appeal to as many people as possible. Chrysler Jeep does this by placing a variety of different people and situations into one commercial therefore making it possible for Jeep to reach all sorts of audiences. Jeep manages to take scenarios that are polar opposites and relate them back to each other using their one common tie: Jeep. Jeep Portraits successfully convinces loyal Americans to purchase a Jeep.
Ethos is the most noticeable rhetorical device in the Chrysler Jeep commercial. Jeep acts on this by including several famous faces. Along with all of the images of ordinary people comes photographs of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen, B.B. King, and Bobby Jones. By acknowledging these celebrities, and their ties to Jeep, it strengthens the credibility of the commercial. The average American looks up to these people, so learning that their favorite celebrity admires and praises this brand sparks the interest of a copious amount of potential car buyers. Another way Jeep has proved itself …show more content…

By displaying multiple views of different people, the advertisers show that Jeep is supportive of all cultures and lifestyles. The disfigured veterans shown flashing across the screen appeals to the viewer's sense of patriotism and empathy for America’s heros. Similarly, the commercial depicts images of young children and playful dogs to connect the viewer’s sense of home and comfort to Jeep. Playing in the background is a piano with an exhilarating melody. The music intensifies as the commercial progresses, but at the end the almost stops to emphasize that Jeep is created by the driver, not the company. This leaves the viewer longing for a chance to live out their dreams in a Jeep. On top of the music is an uplifting message that reminds the viewer once again of the opportunities a person has because of

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