Nike Pool Argument Summary

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Throughout the years Nike has dominated shoe sales against other competitors. Nike is known for their marketing concepts including putting a lot of time into their commercials. The quality of commercials has a lot to do with how much a product sale. Nike does a great job using music, humor, and celebrity endorsement to push interest to their products. In the commercial “LeBron James Nike Pool” Nike uses three advertising techniques such as; Music, Humor, and Celebrity endorsement to appeal to their customers. Summary The “LeBron James Nike Pool” commercial starts off with LeBron James working out in the pool. As the commercial progresses Nike shows off his alter egos played by LeBron James. His wise older looking alter ego is complaining to him about him training in the pool, and telling him that “You isn’t gonna get through Detroit training in a pool” (“LeBron James Nike Pool,” 2007). While his two other alter egos, the younger more playful side and his more stylish side are on the diving broad, waiting to dive in the pool. At the end …show more content…

Nike does a great job of approaching humor in a different way. The commercial looks like a typical day with LeBron James, but the wise alter ego is talking smack to all his other alter egos. This is relatable because a lot of people have alter egos that help push them to reach their potential. Nike demonstrate humor to the audience by letting LeBron play different roles in a playful way. The “LeBron James Nike Pool” commercial utilizes music. The song sets the mood in the commercial. The melody is a calming mix of jazz and a little bit of hip-hop. The background music in the commercial makes it seem like it is a typical day. The melody is calming and it is an oldie it also indicates that while working out LeBron is just trying to have a good time. The music matched the spirit of the commercial which was effective in drawing in the audience into the commercial.

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