The Magna Carta Influence

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The Magna Carta’s Influence “The Magna Carta was a document issued by the English noblemen who demanded rights from the king and limited the rights of the king’s power,” (A). The document had monumental effects that reverberate throughout the world today. The Magna Carta is an indispensable document to democracy because it has impacted many other substantial texts, protects citizen’s legal rights, and guarantees individual freedoms. The Magna Carta has influenced numerous documents that give rights to the people. The document changed the way acts and thinks by changing the political and social order of countries. The Magna Carta was a document giving additional rights to people, and outlined specific reasons for them being needed. The document …show more content…

These basic freedoms enable people to share their opinions without worry of the consequences. Many freedoms such as, “...freedom to change his religion of belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance,” are expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (D). One of the most important freedoms an individual can have is freedom of religion. This Declaration allows anyone to practice any religion they wish, and does not force people to conform to one religion. This is essential to democracy because religion fortifies the spirit of people. Religion is a moral compass that dictates what a person should and should not do. Moreover, the Declaration allows people to teach their religion to others, which strengthens the bonds between souls. Therefore, freedom to pass down and educate about personal beliefs allows societies to flourish. Furthermore, freedom of speech is a right given to people. The government assures they will not censor opinions when it states, “Congress shall not make no law...abridging the freedom of speech or of the press,” in the Bill of Rights, (B). The government will not interfere with people’s right to express their opinions, nor will it censor information distributed by the press. The freedoms of religion and speech are vital to American democracy because religion unites and speech enables everyone to have a voice. Freedom of speech and the press ensures that the government does not become corrupt. Unity and having a voice was important to Englishmen who wrote the Magna Carta, and has become the base for American democracy today. In conclusion, the Magna Carta has had a profound impact on democracy. Significant ideals were modeled throughout declarations, justice is protected, and fundamental freedoms are ensured. Without the Magna Carta, there would not be democracy, and the known world would become

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