Benefits Of Being An America Essay

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America is another name for opportunity that resides in the destiny of the people. There is nothing more competitive than the daily life of an American. Everyone has the chance to achieve their own desires and hope is what keeps them going. America thrives on commitment and that is what sets the goods and the greats apart. Anyone can work hard but there is nothing special about working hard because that is what is supposed to happen. America is bound together through competition, hope, and commitment. Competition is the individual urge to win at any cost and is everywhere the eye can see. Defeat is never an option when being an American which is what Roger Morris understood. Even when he was nervous for his first day trying out for the…show more content…
Gordy Adam was so committed to rowing he “rowed two miles with his thumb cut to the bone and never mentioned it to anyone.” That shows that he cares about his team more than himself which is one of the most selfless acts someone can do. Also that makes the team around him better because that commitment will rub off onto his squad. Commitment is a choice that not everyone can make. Similarly, even when someone is hurt, commitment can overcome it all. Reuven Malters’ baseball team was counting on his pitching. His “left hand was still sore from the catch, and [his] wrist hurt whenever [he] caught the ball”(Brown 28). Malters showed his team that he had an obligation to them and would not give it up. He had to dig down deep in himself to keep pushing himself for his team. Being committed is staying loyal through no matter what the circumstances are. America is the home of the brave and land of the free. Without competition America would not be the superpower it is to this day. America strives off of hope and continues to gain more and more. Americans are dedicated to everything they do. Without having faith, dedication, and competition, America would not be the place everyone wants to come to
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