Superpower Essays

  • Collective Security Concepts

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    reluctant to embrace the present security environment or collective security, which is based on the “Cold War mentality”. Small and medium powers feel left out in the Collective Security arrangement as they can only benefit from the system only the superpower especially the United States. In contrast, China indicate security in the post-Cold War era should be considered broad, not just only the military; and all countries should carry equal benefit and rights. Second, the NSC point out international

  • Superpower Policeman

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    Introduction The United States has historically come out as being a policeman of the world given its interventionist approach to events taking place in various parts of the world and shaping global politics and policy. As a result of this role, the US has become dominant in international relations. However, being a policeman of the world comes with various consequences which the US has had to face. The US military's current role as the “policeman” of the world as exemplified in real life international

  • Examples Of Structural Realism

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    Structural Realism Also known as neorealism, structural realism was introduced as a modern form the classical realism by Kenneth Waltz (2013) in his book Theory of International Politics. Anarchy is still considered by structural realist as the nature of international system. Social realist believed in a deeper anarchy where the absence of order, rules, higher authority above states level created greater insecurities and wider threat perception than anarchy by classical realist. While being unnoticed

  • Pestle Analysis Of Lenovo

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    PESTEL analysis Lenovo is based in China and has a manufacturing unit in China and its major products are supplied from China market, hence look at the PESTLE analysis of China’s electronic industry. Political factors: From 1970, China government committed to provide stable political environment to drive the development of economy. From then there is a political stability in China and it opened the door for international market. After joining WTO, China given relief in restriction and helped many

  • White Lie Short Story

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    This story is mainly about two people who had married went to find the sunlight because the world they lived in was polluted deadly by bomb’s overused. In the middle of their journey, their scooter broke down so they were forced to stop their journey in a small village. In the village, they had found a thing which was not belong to them, and they send it to the owner. Fortunately, finally, they had found the sunlight in a special place, enjoyed it for a short period, and after they returned, they

  • Ich Bin Ein Berliner Speech Analysis

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    With the constant threat of nuclear war overshadowing everyday life, the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 not only divided Germany, but manifested as a physical division between “the free world” and “the Communist world”, as termed by President John F. Kennedy. Two years later, he delivered his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech at the Brandenburg Gate. Through heavy emotional appeal and an encouraging tone, Kennedy not only offers American solidarity to West Berlin, but instills confidence

  • Low Context Culture In America

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    China and The United States are the two most powerful countries in the world where people dream of coming to seek for opportunity. However, it will be a very different experience when you involve in the cultures of these two countries. One fundamental principle that you need to bear in mind is that: American and Chinese cultures are polar opposites. The film named Rush Hour (1998) is one striking example that reflects different practices, point of view, thoughts, and ways of communication. Also,

  • Realist Perspective On Human Nature

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    From time to time, Realism has insisted that cooperation in the system will be impossible due to states self-interest. As state as composed of man who were by nature is self-centered thus making his society focused on the personal gain rather on the absolute gain. International Treaties became International Law due to agreement of sovereign states. Yet with the explanation with accordance with the realist perspective a state will rely its own power for self-protection thus a sovereign state will

  • Classical Realism In International Relations

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    Realism has been the dominant theory since the creation of the field of international relations in 1919, influencing both academic study and world politics alike. Realism, broadly speaking, is composed of three main elements, those being ‘statism, survival, and self-help’ (John Baylis, 2017, p. 105). This therefore means that realists place states as the most important actors in what they see as an anarchical international system where there is no real authority. A state’s primary motivation is therefore

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Unipolar System

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    INTRODUCTION A unipolar system is a system that their hegemonic state that has more power than other countries. When bipolar system After the falling down, the crushing of the Soviet Union there was a very big change in the balance of the world since the end of world war 11, the United States of America emerged to be the only super power country. It that was very evident and it had no other competition against it and for over half a century the United States of America ruled as a super power country

  • Macro Environmental Analysis Of Nike

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    In the assignment, it will discuss the sports brand Nike which specifically focuses in Chinese market. There are three main content areas in this assignment. The first part is a macro environmental analysis; the next part is the target customer profile; the last part is the analysis of marketing strategies. Macro Environmental Analysis: Nike is a very well-known market leader. It is an international brand, their products are selling in the worldwide including China. We can look through its macro

  • Race And Colonialism In Race

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    The history of the United States is one of colonialism, settler colonialism, and the abstract idea of difference and perceived inferiority of savage, less civilized peoples. Since the discovery of the North American continent and the eventual founding of the United States of America, whiteness and white supremacy has shaped America to its present-day form. The idea of race, which has furthered the concept of difference, has been used as a tool to categorize and marginalize peoples of different color

  • Rule Of Law In China Essay

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    With China’s rapid development and increasing influences, the human rights issues has long been a center of controversies. While critics condemn China regarding human rights violations, some believe that China has made obvious progress in human rights protection with its gradual progress towards the rule of law. Meanwhile, the rule of law become more important in the discussion of human rights. In general, it is believe that rule of law is important for realization of human rights and would become

  • Difference Between Structural Realism And Neo Liberalism

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    Structural realism vs neo-liberalism In the course of international relations some of the schools that we learnt are realism and liberalism. Realism is known as political realism and it’s sometimes contrasted with other schools such as idealism or liberalism, which is concentrated on cooperation (Sheku, pg.1-9). Regarding realism, there are 4 proposals that realists assert: first of all international system is anarchic, states are considered as the most important actors and are unitary as well

  • Realism In The Balance Of Power

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    THE REALITY OF REALISM As a theoretical framework for analysing conflict in the contemporary international system, realism is extremely realistic. Realism emphasises the persistent role of the ruler of territorial nation state in international relations, although, it does not account for the emergence of non-state actors and violent terrorist organisations (Kaldor, 2002). It assumes that states practice self help to ensure that the states survival by means of power, which is measured in terms of

  • Elements Of International Politics

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    In Politics Among Nations, Morgenthau defined international politics as “the struggle for power” and “power politics.” “The aspiration for power,” he wrote, “is “the distinguishing element of international politics.” “The struggle for power,” he continued, “is universal in time and space and is an undeniable fact of experience.” Morgenthau identified the elements of national power as geography, natural resources, industrial capacity, military preparedness, population, national character, national

  • Asymmetrical Alliance In The Cold War

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    In an asymmetrical alliance, an alliance in which there is a large difference in the relative power of its members, the desire for control tends to drive the actions of the greater power. The subordinate member, meanwhile, seeks to maintain the benefits it receives from the larger partner while gaining some say in the actions of the alliance as well. Although surrendering some freedom of action is generally a requisite condition for the subordinate partner, the less powerful nation will attempt to

  • Essay On Structural Realism

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    ABSTRACT This essay reviews the paradigm of neo-realism (also known as structural realism), a sub-sect of realism and one of the most influential theories in the study and analysis of international relations. Firstly, the essay will list and analyze the key elements of the neo-realist school of thought, as well as its variants. Then, the application of this paradigm will be examined in the case of the balance of power in Southeast Asia, focusing on the relationships among the key players in the area

  • Social Movement In The Philippines

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    What is social movement? It is composed of people with common ideologies who tries certain goals. It is “social” because it compromises with political rights and economic rights. After the downfall of Marcos regime 1986, the people generated greater interest among academics and movement participants to scrutinize the concepts of state and civil society. The nature of rebellions in the Philippines array from personal to religious to economic to civic to political motives. The Alliance of Progressive

  • Essay On Cultural Resistance

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    In the contemporary time period needs to understand the politics of resistance by the idea that agents stand ‘counter to’ relations of power. In the polanyian tradition, for example, the ‘counter to’ relates with necessary uprising changes against the self- regulating markets. As I have argued elsewhere, these traditions significantly underplay the ambiguities and contradictions of subject positions within the interplay of power and resistance (Amoore and Langley 2004; Amoore 2005). The tendency