Essay On The Challenges Facing America Today

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All nations at one point have experienced a few different types of challenges in their history. America suffered through plenty of challenges throughout its history that have been overcome. America has been through many obstacles, but they were only realized after the problem was solved or confronted. These challenges include slavery, women’s rights, tyrants, terrorists, and innumerable more. Though confronted with challenges throughout America’s history, the main three obstacles in America today is the divisions between the public, sensitivity of some individuals, and sense of entitlement among some of the youth. Today in American society, countless people feel that they are entitled to everything no matter what. People who abuse the welfare system is a perfect example of how people believe that they deserve everything without having to actually do any work, causing laziness and selfishness. These individuals misuse welfare that helps countless people by taking the money for individuals who can’t support themselves or can’t find a job, and use it as a way to get free money without working. Another problem is that some of the youth demands respect of others without earning it and expect a successful job right out …show more content…

These conflicts within America are all a part of people’s internal personality and morals and not with an outside influence. This shows that the main challenges that America face today are from within and can only be solved by people realizing these problems and trying to fix them. Some people need to lose their sense of entitlement and sensitivity and unite together as one to progress America forward. Sense of entitlement, the division between the public, and sensitivity of some people have spread through America like a disease and until cured of these diseases, America is stationary and slowly dying

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