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Change takes places everywhere, everyday. If we as humans experience change on a daily basis, it should be no surprise that even “The Land of the Free” must eventually evolve. A Fierce Discontent by Yale alumni Indiana University historian and Michael McGerr documents this change that spread throughout America, which is known as the Progressive Movement. Michael McGerr believed that “the people and struggles of that age of “fierce discontent” a century ago still command our attention” (McGerr, xiii), which sheds a little light as to why he chose to write about the Progressive Era. It was social and political reform and activism that made up the Progressive Era and Michael McGerr notes how these changes affected the American people. From the fast changing ideas of individualism, class differences, labor issues, and immigration to women’s rights and the always-controversial issue of racial discrimination, the Progressive Era shook the entire nation and its citizens to its core. The main theme presented in A Fierce Discontent is the metamorphosis of the concept of individualism. The upper ten were in control of virtually everything during the …show more content…

Michael McGerr focuses on a variety of topics, including the middle-class during this time and he coverers a wide variety of themes, including the importance of individualism. Michael McGerr states, “The enter of this book looks at four quintessential progressive battles: to change other people; to end class conflict; to control big business, and to segregate society.” (McGerr, xv) A Fierce Discontent is a history book in its own and Michael McGerr does an excellent job of incorporating detailed account of Americans during this era of social and political unrest. While we might “live in a politically disappointing time” (McGerr, xiii), Michael McGerr makes what might be a little boring better by offering compelling evidence of the Progressive

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