Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America Summary

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Prologue The book Ten Days That Unexpectedly Changed America, contains specific days and events that have not been actually considered a “big deal”, but has significantly contributed to the present situation in America. It explores themes such as; National Identity, American Democracy, American Creed, and Democratic Revolution. It also sheds light on the ideology of being born equal, or being made equal. It places emphasizes on the fact that history is often a result of a great impersonal forces and that change can be extremely slow. Massacre at Mystic The massacre at mystic took place on May 26, 1637. This was an intentional attack on the Pequot by the English Puritans. Right from the beginning the puritans had considered the natives to …show more content…

He was a farm worker until he became a sergeant in the Revolutionary war. He was involved in several wars against the British, such as Lexington, Bunker, Hill, and Saratoga, and was known to be an industrious, valuable and strong soldier. After the victory against Britain, he returned home to acquire a land for farming and decided to raise his family. However, America was not in a pleasant state after the war. One had to depend on trade for goods or services as in contrast to money. The economy was failing mainly due to the articles of confederation, which is known to be the first constitution type for Independent America. All of the debts acquired came from the revolutionary war. The Articles of Confederation allowed the states be in control of trade and taxes so that each state was held accountable to pay off their own war debt with their own individual plans. This system turned out to be deleterious, mostly for veterans and farmers. By 1786, people started to rebel. Over thirty percent of males could not afford to pay their debts or make an income. The rebels would sometimes protest in front of the court house. They believed that the revolutionary war was supposed to give room for true

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