American History Judith Ortiz Cofer Analysis

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Have you ever thought about the phrase “American History” and wondered the real stories that occurred in an individual from the past? Several other citizens of America have, too. The simple answer to the meaning of the title “American History” written by Judith Ortiz Cofer purports that said story illustrates the history of an American citizen and revolves around a significant event from the past. However, the overall message become larger than the straightforward idea. While educating readers on the time placed during President Kennedy's death in 1963, the author illustrates the struggling truth behind the story of an average young individual American immigrant girl in a plethora of ways. The theme elucidated throughout Cofers person story advocates nothing stays as just white snow. The quote “ Looking up at the light I could see the …show more content…

However, sentimentally, author Judith Ortiz Cofer set main characters through non-territorial eyes to prove an American story allows to also be told by an immigrant. The story develops the point of view of one who receives unfair treatment and faces day to day challenges because of where Elena came to life. After reading the title, readers shall understand the characters set story explains are not considered equally. For example, the quote “The other girls picked up on the “pork chop” and made it into a refrain,” (Cofer 1) clarifies Elena became teased daily for her looks. There later became more than just bullying, for ones crush's mom disapproved of her living spaces either. Clearly, the characters and plot guides examples to the overall meaning of the title, for these subjects base the conflict, leading the problems to become obvious. Once noticing all dilemmas, readers care because the characters, conflict, and plot illustrate there allows more to just President JFK’s assassination, but real humans

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